Caught in Episode 5's WEB

Book goes the dynamite!  This episode was the turning point of the season so far.  So many things happened and the episode was jam packed with all kinds of crazy things, PEOPLE!  First of all, Matthew and I's commercial!  SWOONING.  I still can't get over it.  We looked damn good together if I do say so myself.  Matthew is one hunk of a man and even though I am gay I think I turned the manly sexy on for this one.  The feedback we have gotten from this commercial and the kiss has been incredible.  I can't begin to thank you all for your support and sometimes risqué comments ;)  (but I love them)  This was by far one of my favorite photo shoots that we were able to do on the show. 

Then there were 11.  Romeo was sent home for becoming physically violent with Adam.  A couple things they didn't show is that there were actually three verbal arguments that night all involving Romeo.  The argument with Adam lasted about thirty minutes and as you saw, we were all standing there watching.  BUT what you didn't hear is that we are all telling Romeo and Adam to go to bed and leave each other alone.  At one point Mirjana tries to grab Romeo and bring him back to the room but Romeo gets back up to go get Adam.  It was a really long night that the fans won't understand nor ever see.  All in all it is super unfortunate that Romeo was eliminated from the competition because he was a top contender for sure.  I really feel that he would have lasted a while in the competition.  You can't save them all and actions must be accounted for especially when you are intoxicated.  

Then there was the one given to LENOX!  Poor precious baby Lenox.  We all knew that no one would be going home since Romeo left.  We just didn't know it would be that traumatic on all of us.  It was a huge kick in the A$$ for Lenox from Tyra telling her to get her $hit together!  Which is true!  Lenox needs some more confidence in herself as we move on to next week.  With only five frames I don't know if she can pull it off.  We shall see!!!

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Thank you so much to all the fans.  It is so humbling and makes my heart so full to know that I have your support throughout this experience.  I hope you continue to watch and support us all on #ANTM.  We have the best fans!  Remember to keep being your amazing self and share it with the world!  LOVE YOU ALL!

Positivity changes lives!