A whole new world

Good bye Texas and Hello LA!!!!!!!!!!

I packed up all my stuff and made the huge leap to move out to LA CALIFORNIA Y'all.  In Texas I didn't have as many opportunities as there are in LA and it was time for a change.  I have to say I made a great decision!  

Check out our video of the road trip:

Now we have officially been in LA for one month and my life has already changed drastically for the better. We are in full swing of the season of America's Next Top Model and it is so crazy to watch it on TV!  Since moving here I have gotten a job at a Dance Studio and I couldn't be more excited.  Modeling is my main focus right now but dance is where my heart will always remain.  I love dance just as much as I love breathing. Which is saying a lot. To be able to teach it is such a blessing in itself and I am beyond blessed.  The studio reminds me so much of back home and I catch myself thinking about my kiddos in College Station.  I miss them with all my heart but know that where i am is where I was meant to be.  I can't wait to see them again and all that they accomplish over this year.  

The scenery here is just awesome. I can't believe every morning I walk outside, I get to see the mountains.  That is something you don't normally see in Texas for sure!  The weather is perfect and I never have to turn my air conditioner on full blast like it was in Texas 24/7.  We've been able to go to parties, special events, and sight see all over the city.  My favorite day so far was last Sunday when a few of us went on top of the hill and sat and drank wine while over looking the city skyline.  It puts things into perspective of how small we are in this world and that the things that really matter are what we sometimes take for granted.  I am so blessed to have all that I do and know that I do not deserve the least of it.  I challenge everyone to take a minute and reflect on something beautiful and realize that life is more important to be lived around those you love rather than forgetting those who love you. Its the small things that are most important. 

I can't tell you enough how much it means to me to have had so much support in my move here.  For those who have financially supported me thank you!  For those have emotionally supported me thank you! Thank you to everyone.  It means the world to me and I am eternally grateful. 

I can't wait to continue on this journey that has been set out before me and share it with you all.  You all inspire me each day to never give up and continue what I set out today. Change the world!  Keep being amazing.



Posted on September 28, 2014 .