Episode 4 and the famous kiss ;)

Love is a brewing between so many contestants on the newest episode of America's Next Top Model. OOPS, and I am in the middle of it!  Denzel and Mirjana, Keith and Kari, Will and Matthew. So much love ;)

This is the first episode that we were able to watch in our new home in LA!  Huddled all over the floor the cast of Cycle 21 came over and we sat intently as the new episode began.  It's just like watching a video diary of two months of our life that seemed like never happened!  It is always amazing to watch with the cast and laugh at what was really going on back then.  Editing is an amazing tool and production has taken full advantage of it in these past two episodes.  

I am so incredibly happy with the turnout of panel =) to go from being in the bottom two to being top three was an amazing feeling because I for sure worked my butt off to get there. Will is here to stay in the competition and no one can bring me down ;)

Now for that kiss ;)  Yes, I kissed Matthew.  Not ashamed or mad about it!  Me and Matthew got really close over the time on the show and it just happened.  Matthew got so much hatred from it and I couldn't stand to see that happen.  What people don't realize is that those kinds of attacks are what LGBT people go through on a regular basis.  It is not fair nor is it right and for me to watch it happen to someone I care about was an awful feeling.  I love Matthew and can't wait to watch our relationship develop over the next few episodes!  I guarantee it'll be worth watching ;)

Be sure to check out my recap for NYLON.com HERE!  Also check out the video recap below!

Hard work pays off and I hope all of you are working hard to make your dreams come true.  You will get knocked down more times than you get a yes but it is all about perseverance.  You have what it takes to make your dreams come true.  I believe in all of you!  Look at my journey this week! To go from bottom two to top three. HARD WORK PAYS OFF!

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Posted on September 11, 2014 .