Episode 3 and the bottom two!

With every new episode of America's Next Top Model comes a new adventure and more craziness!  This episode was particularly crazy for this fella and almost lead to me being sent home.  

While we were filming this episode, I remember being just overwhelmed with what was going on.  Being a super fan, I was just so happy to be there more than anything so focusing on staying in the competition wasn't on my mind at that moment.  I was just smiling and laughing and enjoying those first few days but it wasn't long until I had to get my $H!# together.  Standing in bottom two was the scariest experience I have ever had.  I remember being terrified of what was about to happen and not knowing if I would stay or go home.  Ultimately I got to stay and had the biggest sigh of relief when Tyra called my name. She even said I had the strongest face in the competition! SAY WHAT?!  Made my day!  On to the next week and another week of craziness! Check out this recap on NYLON.com and also watch our video recap about the third episode:

I absolutely loved getting to watch this episode with my kiddos at the dance studio.  To see their reactions was priceless and their support means the world.  I remember the day I had to tell them that I was leaving for the show and how sad everyone was but then coming back from filming how proud and supportive they were of me.  I love these kids and I miss them dearly everyday.  I not only did America's Next Top Model for me but also for my kids at the dance studio.  I want everyone to know that they can follow their dreams and make something of themselves no matter what it is.  Always follow your dreams and never give up!  Check out this little video from our watch party!

I am so grateful for all the support I have received these past few weeks.  I hope that everyone watching the series can see that you can do anything you put your mind to as long as you have the confidence and courage to make it happen.  Never give up on yourself and fight for what you want in life. You can do anything you put your mind to.  I am your biggest fan and I hope you know that =)

Until next episode. 


Posted on September 11, 2014 .