Tears, Tears, and more TEARS! Episode 12

This was the hardest episode to watch for me.  The love of my life has been eliminated. Raelia Lewis the most perfect human being was eliminated and she did not deserve to go. This episode was full of ROBBERY! I was robbed of not only my BFF but also best photo. I do believe that my photo was ten times better than Keith's. More natural and relaxed whereas his was posed and not natural. 

Our photoshoot was probably my favorite so far in the competition. We were in an amazing country with an amazing client and awesome products. Made me feel like a legit model and not just a pretty face. Jet lag definitely was not kind to any of us, we hopped right off the plane and went straight into the photoshoot! Some of us were even intoxicated. cough cough, ADAM, cough cough. To each his own. 

The challenge this week was a blast. We got to dance! My favorite thing to do. I am so glad that Raelia won because it was her birthday that day. If it wasn't me that one, I was happy that it was her =) 

The moment Raelia was eliminated killed my spirit. Her final words are what made me keep fighting to stay. "Will, you better win!" Yes I will do my best and never give up! 

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Posted on November 10, 2014 .