Episode Eight Electric, Love, Army

Love from Kelly Cutrone's Fashion Line, "Electric, Love, Army"

Love from Kelly Cutrone's Fashion Line, "Electric, Love, Army"

We've reached the halfway point y'all! 

This episode for me was just bland and uneventful.  I really loved getting to find out my DNA and where I really come from though. That definitely added a little excitement to the Mirjana and Denzel show. OOPS, did I say that out loud. 

So I found out that I am British, Scandinavian, Irish, Greek, Italian, and a mix of every European Country there is.  Very cool!  I highly recommend everyone getting their DNA test done by Ancestry.com!  I only knew that I was white and American before the show and now I know exactly what my genetic code is made up of!  Being the science nerd I am, I loved every second if it!

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Posted on October 17, 2014 .